About The Club Fix

Made to Measure

The custom club building service we provide is the most important aspect of our company. Buying clubs “off the rack” will almost never help a golfer get the proper equipment. After testing thousands of golf clubs from leading manufacturers (we test shaft flex, kick point, torque, loft, lie angle, length, and face angle), we have found that only 2 of every 10 golf clubs is actually what it is labeled to be. The other 8 clubs do not match the specs that are painted or engraved on them. This means that most golf shafts and club heads perform differently than they advertise. Through our unbiased approach, we test and build each club to the exact specs identified to be optimal for each individual player.

We Pursue Excellence

There is no question that custom fit golf & precision built clubs will improve your game. With our top of the line technology, unmatched expertise, and nearly endless club/shaft options, we are confident you will not find a better custom equipment solution anywhere. It is not smoke and mirrors or marketing hype, custom fit and precision built clubs make the game easier and create the ability to repeat your swing more consistently. Every unique person employs a unique swing and therefore will improve when equipment is tailored specifically for the individual. Age, gender, skill level, player tendencies, physical strength, speed, and technique all play a role in finding the right set up. As a byproduct of correct equipment, ball striking improves, enjoyment increases, and scores drop, but dont take our word for it, book your session and see for yourself!

For All Levels

• Advanced players are able to refine their feel and fully utilize their potential ability through optimal equipment performance, unmatched in the industry. Player benefit and satistaction is our highest priority.

• Average golfers will benefit because custom golf clubs will allow them to consistently hit the ball more solidly, with the proper direction, distance control, and proper trajectory.

• For beginners, custom golf clubs suited to their skill level have increased playability, providing a measure of confidence from which players can better learn to play the game.

Focus on the Game

Custom fit golf clubs will allow you to get rid of distractions and really get down to perfecting your technique instead of your golf clubs.

You’ll be able to:

  • Hit the ball more solidly with proper direction
  • Have more control over distance
  • Have a calculated trajectory
  • Swing confidently & naturally knowing the clubs were built for you

Don’t create bad habits from improper or mislabeled clubs, let us fit your clubs so that you know you’ve got the best equipment for your game.


Over 35,000 Combinations

We work with every manufacturer to bring you the best possible combination for your custom golf clubs. We don’t have a brand preference which means we use whatever it is that you need.

More options means a better fit for you.


Our Process


  • 01

    One-on-one private evaluation of your game and current golf clubs. Voice any issues you have and discuss concerns with a professional.

  • 02

    Test your current equipment using our technology and expertise. We’ll analyse your game and your golf clubs.

  • 03

    We analyse all of the elements of your swing and golf clubs including: loft & lie, bend point, torque, shaft frequency, shaft profile, face angle, swing weight, grip and length.

  • 04

    We also analyse ball flight and: ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, club path, ball dispersion, attack angle, swing speed, carry distance, total distance, landing angle

The Fitting

  • 01

    From the data received through the evaluation process, your fitter will begin the optimization process through head and shaft testing.

  • 02

    Through data and player feedback we continue to refine the results to determine the magic combination.

  • 03

    When the optimal configuration is identified through validated data and player feedback, specs will be recorded for exact replication.

  • 04

    Player excitement must be now contained.


  • 01

    We take the specs identified from your fitting and begin the product order and assembly process.

  • 02

    Each order is built by the same master builder and not an assembly line. Clubs are built to the tightest tolerances in the industry and must go through a secondary quality assurance check before being cleared for delivery.

  • 03

    Once clubs are received, playability and product warranties ensure there is never a negative result when going “Club Fix” custom

  • 04

    Let lower score now begin!