Custom Golf Clubs – The Best Way To Improve Your Golf Game

Custom Golf Clubs Take Your Game to The Next Level

It’s no secret that the best golfers in the world have custom golf clubs designed specifically for their body and their swing. Because of custom golf clubs, they obviously produce much better results than if they used some old set of golf clubs that they have had since high school. A very large majority of golfers simply use the same old set of golf clubs that they have had for years, and then they wonder why their game hasn’t improved. Swinging with golf clubs that don’t fit you and your swing cause golfers to overcompensate and adjust their swing too much, which causes bad habits. Custom fit golf clubs allows you to maintain healthy swing habits and play better golf.  Most people don’t think they can spend money on custom golf clubs, because they “aren’t that good” or they think that they are “too expensive.” Thanks to The Club Fix Texas you can get custom fit golf clubs that fit your body and swing and you won’t have to break the bank to do it either. Stop wasting time in the sand trap and call The Club Fix Texas and start building a better golf game!

Here is a little more information about The Club Fix Texas and what we are all about.

The Club Fix Mission

The main purpose of The Club Fix is to educate golfers about equipment and to help them find what works best for their swing. We help golfers of all levels achieve thier maximum performance by fitting them to the clubs that match their swing. Too many golfers try to fit their swing to their clubs. We use the latest and best technology provided by Trackman Golf to measure every aspect of the golf swing and flight of the golf ball. Using this technology and providing thousands of club head and shaft combinations from all the leading manufacturers in the world allows us to be exact and unbiased in determining which equipment works best for each golfer…

The custom club building service we provide is the most important aspect of our company. Buying clubs “off the rack” will almost never help a golfer get the proper equipment. After testing thousands of golf clubs from leading manufacturers (we test shaft flex, kick point, torque, loft, lie angle, length, and face angle), we have found that only 1 of every 10 golf clubs is actually what it is labeled to be. The other 9 clubs do not match the specs that are painted or engraved on them. This means that most golf shafts and club heads perform differently than they advertise. These tests allow us to identify the exact specs of each golf club. We then take the care to build each club to match the produced results from the fitting sessions. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate information and the best results for every golfer.

The Club Fix Advantage

There is no question that custom fit golf clubs will improve your game. Here at The Club Fix we are confident that with our new technology, nobody can fit you better. Custom fit golf clubs make the game easier to play because the golf clubs are built to your playing style and ability.

• Advanced players are able to tweak their golf game with custom built and fitted golf clubs.

• Average golfers will benefit because custom golf clubs will allow them to consistently hit the ball more solidly, with the proper direction, distance control, and proper trajectory.

• For beginners, custom golf clubs suited to their skill level have increased playability, providing a measure of confidence from which players can better learn to play the game.

You can get the most appropriate setup for your skill level, playing characteristics, gender and age. You will love golf even more after playing with a custom set of clubs. With clubs that fit you properly you will have confidence with every club in your bag. With consistent ball striking, properly fitted custom golf clubs will bring about noticeable improvement in your golf game.

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