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OK, so I’m taking some creative liberties with the title, but let me explain why I believe it to be true. I’ve heard it said, “That which lasts the longest, matters most.” Think, for a moment, and you’ll see that the most important things in this world last a lifetime and beyond. Our families, our faith, our health, our education, our friend- ships, our memories, and many other vitally important aspects of life.

Researchers studying money and the effect it has on happiness have concluded it is better to spend money on experiences rather than accumulating things. Each time we re-live the memory of the experience, we regain the feelings of joy and happiness felt during the initial experience.

For most of us money is not a limitless resource. So, when we choose to spend what we do have on something we love, we

are glad we did. I’m not advocating irre- sponsible spending or reckless abandon of financial principles, but I am suggesting using our financial resources in ways that bring the greatest satisfaction and the least amount of regret. If you are someone taking the time to read articles in golf magazines, this means you are probably one who expe- riences joy through golf; in other words, you are one of “us,” someone whose love of the game creeps into everyday life. No mat- ter what the occasion, we most likely are wearing something golf related.

We are people who have practiced our backswings in a mirror, or worked on our putting stokes on the carpet in our homes or hotel rooms. We have read books and watched videos about the golf swing seek- ing to solve the mystery of how to get every aspect of our game to perform on the same day! And we have definitely purchased new equipment with the hope of enhancing our golfing experience.

Golf is an experience each and every time we play, and with that comes the emotion and long lasting memories associated with it. As passionate golfers, we want the best experience each time we tee it up. We want to hit solid shots and we want to score to our potential. As one with years of club equipment experience, playing the right equipment will help you achieve the opti- mal golf experience.

In the age of consumer awareness, we’ve all had the experience of having to choose between a product of higher quality (and higher price tag) and something of lesser quality for a lower price. Sometimes the lesser price is a good decision; however, the overwhelming majority of the time when we “buy on price, we buy it twice,” or in the case of golf clubs, we buy it three, four or even five times. The reason we can’t find it is simple – IT WASN’T MADE FOR US!

Major golf companies do not emerge and maintain in the marketplace with- out mastering how to maximize profits and minimize costs. Mass production to reach scalability is one of the ways costs are reduced and pricing leverage is created. Mass produced golf equipment is more than adequate for the players who get out a couple times a year, but NOT for those who read golf magazines, and care about their games!

Some may say they can’t afford to spend the extra money on custom golf clubs. To those I say, “You can’t afford not spend the extra money on custom golf clubs.” Every time you buy a “stock” club or set of clubs, you are settling for less than what you are capable of, diluting your golfing experience for the entire life of that club (which probably won’t be very long).

Either that, or you spend more and more money seeking to find the needle in the haystack. It is common for many players to keep the same clubs in the bag for four or five seasons of golf. It is also common for the average player to play three or four rounds of golf each month. That’s 144-240 experiences each year where money was invested to bring joy and satisfaction, 144- 240 memories formed with friends and associates that will last a lifetime.

So, here’s the bottom-line question: Would you be willing to invest an additional $5.00-$10.00 per experience to enhance your level of enjoyment and satis- faction during your pursuit of happiness?

If you love golf as much as most of us, the answer is probably “yes.”

You owe it to yourself and your peace of mind to go see a true custom club company who completes both the fitting and the custom build and see what you could be experiencing and remembering for the rest of your days!

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