Custom Golf Lesson – Club Control w/ Trackman

Custom Golf Made Easy With Trackman and The Club Fix of Texas

Many golfers have significant needs to fix their swings. Big issues with grip, stance, club path, etc. can cause golfers to be frustrated at the results of their swings. At the same time there are many golfers who need smaller adjustments to fix their swings, the best part about the game of golf is that whether you make small changes or big changes to your swing, the results always have the potential to improve your game dramatically. Here at Club Fix Texas we use trackman technology to enhance our club fitting process, however Trackman is used far and wide across the golf industry to help golfers find the right adjustments to make to their swing. So no matter your what level of golfer you are, Trackman and custom golf clubs can help you develop into a better golfer.

One area of improvement that every golfer needs is club control. This may have the most significant impact on how the ball reacts off your club. This is also an area that is always emphasized by pro golf trainers or coaches. Martin Hall is a world renowned golf instructor and in this video below he will teach you why he uses Trackman, how he uses it, and also how to improve your club control and in return have a more effective ball flight on all of your shots.

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