Custom Golf Lesson #1 – Ball Control

Custom Golf Lesson #1 – Martin Hall Teaches Ball Control With Trackman

For those of us who struggle from time to time on the golf course, we are always looking for that one thing to take our game to the next level. That one thing is consistency! There are massive amounts of golfers who go out and birdie a few holes and play pretty good golf, only to have their rounds ruined by inconsistency. One of the major causes of this is lack of ball control. Instead of focusing on simply hitting it further off the tee maybe it’s time to focus on controlling your shots and allowing your skill to come into play.

Legendary golf coach Martin Hall discusses how Trackman can help give us valuable information to make our golf game more controlled and consistent.

Trackman utilizes cutting edge technology to gather vital data that will help you enhance your golf game and start playing a better style of golf.

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It’s no secret anymore, if you want to build a better golf game you need to have custom golf clubs built for you. The Club Fix Texas uses Trackman to build custom golf clubs fit exactly for your body type and swing.

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